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Report Title: 1. Cardioprotection: Mechanisms to Protect the Heart from Ischemia-Reperfusion InjuryTime: 15: 00-16: 30, September 22, 2017Location: Lecture Hall of the Library, New CampusReport Title: 2. Mitochondria: Regulators of Life and Death Time: 15: 00-16: 30 September 25, 2017Location: Conference Room on the third floor, Life and Science Research  Center, Tianwaicun CampusS...[详细]
Title: On Scientific Issues Refining and Writing Skills of Application Forms for National Natural Science Foundation ofChinaTime: 15: 00-16: 30, October 17th, 2017Location: 3rd Conference Room on Second Floor of Executive BuildingSpeaker: Peng Zhihai (Professor, chief physician, doctoral tutor)Welcome all teachers and students!Department of Scientific ResearchOctober 13th, 2017 An ...[详细]
Topic: Lecture on the Expression of Gap Connexins in the Central Nervous System and Study on Related ProteinsPublished: 2017-10-18 15:33:26Time: October 20, 2017 15:30 pmPlace: Meeting Room of School of Pharmacy (Medical Comprehensive Laboratory Building A230)Lecturer: Dr. Li Xinbo[a1] Teachers and students are warmly welcome to attend the lecture! Research Department School of Pharmacy Key D...[详细]